Failed Architecture – a research project into the the causes of urban failure

Thema: Failed Architecture focuses on buildings and urban environments that are malfunctioning, displeasing or have failed to stand the test of time and are currently neglected, abandoned or even vandalized or demolished, because of changing economic, social, political and/or physical circumstances.
Beschreibung: „We hope to learn lessons from past failures, save some overlooked and underrated urban success stories from oblivion and help establish a rich source of information and inspiration for architects, planners and others with an interest in urban affairs.“
Ort: Europe (Failed Architecture started in 2010 as a blog and series of live public events in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and now evolved into an international research project, organizing workshops and debates in a.o. Copenhagen, Denmark; Nottingham, UK; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Skopje, Macedonia; Sofia, Bulgaria …)
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