Urban Put-Put Detroit

Thema: Urban put-put supports the rebirth of Detroit, embraces urban culture and provides a shared space to play by revitalizing a vacant lot with sculpture and recycled materials for the interaction and betterment of the community.
Beschreibung: We are a group of Lawrence Tech students comprised mostly of Graphic Design and Architecture majors. Each member of the class is heavily invested in good design wether it be in two or three dimensions, which both equally contribute to creating an interesting space that embraces what Detroit has to offer. This project brought together by the creative minds at Ponyride and the Imagination Station is quite a task for the students of the Lawrence Tech sculpture and directed studies classes to complete. Creativity and talent alone is not enough to build a miniature golf course Detroit deserves.
Ort: Detroit, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: http://urbanputput.com

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