Beijing’s Reverse Vending Machines

Thema: A reverse vending machine, which rewards users coins in exchange for their empty plastic bottles.
Beschreibung: Ten such machines, the size of big refrigerators, are expected to appear at major subways and bus stops within the Fourth Ring Road of the capital, turning trash into treasure while encouraging the public to recycle and sort garbage. Two thousand of them will be in place within the next two years, including 80 at colleges and universities, shopping malls, communities and office buildings. The process starts with consumers casting their empties in the dispensers‘ feed unit. Plastic containers are identified by an imaging camera, compacted to less than one-third of the size and sorted into a built-in bin. The users can then get their monetary reward by scanning their metro card to the machine.
Ort: Beijing, China
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Beijing’s Reverse Vending Machines

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