13 Portals

Thema: The 13 Portals is an interactive street art experience combining technology, art, urban space and community.
Beschreibung: Artists Pérola Bonfanti and Nicolina of The Free Art Society have created 13 site-specific, hand painted murals. Each mural will appear in an abandoned doorway every Saturday accompanied by a theatrical happening and a chance to score one of the 64 keys. The 13 Portals will culminate in an event with all participants invited, the keyholders experiencing a unique passage through Portal 13. Each Portal represents a number and it’s many layered meanings. Each Portal also contains a QR Code (Quick Response Code) that opens the virtual and interactive aspect of the project. The game begins in the virtual realm and spills into the urban environment creating a self-generating community. Participants are required to complete tasks both alone and with others that unlock the knowledge of the ancients. The 13 Portals bring timeless knowledge through the channels of modern technology, merging past and present into a new and transformative reality.
Ort: East Village, New York City, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: http://13portals.com

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