Sober Driver

Thema: You can get home, in your own car, and then watch your Sober Driver take his fold-up electric bicycle (or gas-powered scooter) out of your trunk and ride away.
Beschreibung: You’re drunk, at a bar downtown, car keys in your pocket. In many transit-deprived American cities, you have two clear options. One–driving home drunk–is dangerous and illegal. The other–taking a cab–means the hassle of abandoning your car and hitching a ride to retrieve it later. But in Sioux City, Iowa, you have a third option in the form of a blonde soccer-playing college senior in a gleaming yellow construction vest, business cards in hand: “Be a survivor, call Sober Driver.”
Ort: Sioux City, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Sober Driver

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