opportUnityvillageEugeneThema: An alternative transitional housing community for otherwise unhoused individuals and couples.
Beschreibung: Opportunity Village Eugene is a pilot project that will provide transitional micro-housing for 30-40 homeless individuals and couples at a time. The transitional micro-housing will be compact (60-100 square feet) and transportable (less than 8 feet wide). The idea is to combine a sense of ownership over a small, private space with an abundance of shared, common spaces that include cooking facilities, gathering areas, restrooms, and micro-business opportunities.  The village will be built through a collaboration between village residents, community volunteers, and skilled builders. The purpose of the project is to bridge the existing gap between the housed and the unhoused, create a place for that collaboration to occur, and build social capital.
Ort: Eugene, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: opportUNITYvillage Eugene


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