Thema: A weekly street event which provides citizens with the opportunity to reclaim their streets, connect with their community, celebrate their city and therefore reclaim their lives.
Beschreibung: In a quest to make Gurgaon accessible for its residents and encourage the use of cycling, walking and public transport in the city, organizations and activists of Gurgaon have come together to execute a novel concept – ‘RAAHGIRI DAY’. Walking and cycling along with effective public transport is the only solution to urban traffic chaos and other issues related to it. Infrastructure for safe walking and cycling is required in Gurgaon too and this event will bring more awareness to this need. Temporary closure of a network of streets to cars so that they become “open” to people, Raahgiri Day will be a weekly road event which will start from 17th Nov and will happen on every Sunday till 30th March.
Ort: Gurgaon, India
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Raahgiri Day

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