Bikestock1Thema: Vending machines selling the most essential products for urban cyclists around the clock.
Beschreibung: Bikestock provides support for urban cyclists through a network of vending machines, toolkits, and branded cycling products. By making self-service bike repair available around the clock, Bikestock aims to encourage more people to ride their bicycles. Bikestock locations fill in critical gaps in traditional bike shops business hours, while enhancing existing infrastructure. Cyclists have become a permanent and prominent feature of New York City roads. 200,000 people now ride daily on over 250 miles of bike lanes. Don’t let complications like flat tires or unanticipated rainstorms keep you from riding. Bikestock’s network of conveniently placed machines and toolkits will put essential products and tools within reach of cyclists.
Ort: New York City, USA
Web- und Textquelle: Bikestock
Bildquelle: Bikestock on Facebook

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