Y:Cube Housing

YCubeThema: A new housing concept providing self-contained units that requires no capital grant and  offers affordable accommodation for single people in housing need.
Beschreibung: Y:Cube Housing is ideally suited for move on accommodation for single people who have previously been accommodated in hostels/foyers and other temporary housing schemes. There are other applications for Y:Cube Housing that include providing accommodation for key workers and students. Y:Cube provides a genuine, affordable alternative to the private rented sector. Rents will be set at, or below, the Local Housing Allowance for a one bedroom unit making the accommodation accessible for people on benefits. YMCA London South West are working on opening the first scheme in Merton in 2014. Once open, it will be possible to visit the site and view the internal aspects of the Y:Cube units, seeing how the scheme works first hand.
Ort: London, UK
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Y:Cube Housing

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