#AnotherLightUpThema: A project combining street art and crowd-funded community engagement.
Beschreibung: The City of Cape Town supplies Monwabisi Park with free, clean water, distributed via public water taps. The ‚emtonjenis‘ (public tap spaces) have become communal gathering areas. Residents develop daily routines around necessary trips to the nearest tap. However, seeing as these spaces and the paths that lead to them are not lit up at night, they have also become a target for crime. This project aims to raise funds for streetlights that can improve a 700m pathway between public taps and other better lit areas. Installing lights is one impactful move towards creating a safer space. The multi-storey artwork has a visual feedback loop: the wall lights up at night each time enough money is raised for one new light to be installed on a pathway in the informal settlement of Monwabisi Park.
Ort: Cape Town, South Africa
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: #ANOTHERLIGHTUP

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