querstadtein1Thema: Homeless people leading tours through Berlin. / Obdachlose zeigen ihr Berlin.
Beschreibung: This summer, querstadtein invites you to take a new look at the capital: for the first time in Berlin, homeless people will lead tours, offering fresh views on familiar sights. Former and current homeless people tell stories of life on the street, showing their places and shelters along with tales of Berlin’s streets, squares and parks. How has the city evolved and changed in their eyes? A querstadtein tour is not your typical city tour. It’s about understanding homelessness and getting a perspective of the city outside of the established norms. Homeless tour guides give their take on Berlin, get recognition and a sense of self-respect from their work, and have the chance to supplement their income. It works both ways: guides and participants have the chance to overcome mutual reservations, judgements, and insecurities, and have a real conversation on a level playing field. The tours are developed in close consultation with the guides. Often, a casual conversation with a homeless person is the best way to get a complete and realistic picture of homelessness and what life on the street really means.
querstadtein lädt zu einem neuen Blick auf die Hauptstadt ein: Unsere (ehemals) obdachlosen Stadtführer nehmen Euch mit quer durch die Kieze und zeigen dabei eine ungewohnte Sicht auf Altbekanntes. Sie berichten vom Leben ohne eigene Wohnung und zeigen dabei ihre Orte und Anlaufstellen mit Geschichten von Berliner Straßen, Parks und Plätzen.
Ort: Berlin, Germany
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: querstadtein


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