Polly & Bob

BerlinBackyardFleaMarketsThema: A new neighborhood in a digital world.
Beschreibung: Polly & Bob is a non-profit social startup. We don’t need profits, we rather put every dime into the neighborhood. Into the people who make all that happen. Into the rooms and spaces we want to build in the hoods. Into the development of the platform. Into our events and activities in the neighborhood. Into the growth to make it possible to join for as many people as possible. In case we nevertheless generate surpluse we will give that back to the users according to their activity on the platform. We want to change the society for a better future. We create a new neighborhood: more together, better for each other, less online, more offline. We create a new form of living together in the neighborhood. We share, swap and save resources. We take the time to spend it together, because we know it is worth it. Because connection to others in real life is what makes us human.
Ort: Berlin, Germany
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Polly & Bob

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