Art Spin

ArtSpinTorontoThema: A bicycle tour of art.
Beschreibung: The tour features commissioned multi-disciplinary works, ranging from art performances to site-specific installations, as well as visits to galleries (commercial, artist run & public) and to artists’ studios. As well as monthly bike tours, Art Spin curates and mounts an annual group exhibition at the end of each season taking place in an alternative industrial space. Each Art Spin tour features a new itinerary, visiting different neighbourhoods in the city and a variety of works in unconventional locations. Art Spin works closely with both emerging and established artists to create unique programming specific to the event, and with different community partners to help capture and share the pulse of the city’s vibrant art scene. These works are placed in alternative and often under-utilized spaces in the city, from industrial warehouse spaces to parks, school yards, back alleyways etc. The events are multi-disciplinary, showing works of all mediums including sculpture, installation, new media, video, performance, music, theatre, dance and more. Art Spin takes place once a month throughout the summer. The meeting point is announced online shortly before each tour. Each tour meets between 6:30 – 7 pm and ends around 9 pm with a dynamic reception/after party. Art Spin is not-for-profit event, and anyone regardless of age or cycling ability is welcome.
Ort: Toronto, Canada
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Art Spin


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