Foodlogica1Thema: A logistical service designed to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s local food system using e‑trikes.
Beschreibung: FOODLOGICA links local food, consumers and businesses in Amsterdam’s city center through transport that reduces emissions, congestion and pollution. FOODLOGICA’s flexible services suit diverse clients, such as local businesses such as food shops, small-scale food producers, chefs, restaurants, and other food related local actors in Amsterdam’s innovative, bike-friendly city. FOODLOGICA lives to elevate the virtuous cycle of food in the urban ecosystem by integrating convenient, zero-emission transport to local businesses. To do so, we provide a logistical service that supports local, quality food producers and businesses, guaranteeing fresh delivery for optimal sale and consumption. We continue pushing to blend traditional, innovative and cultural behaviors into urban development.
Ort: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: FOODLOGICA


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