Open House Cape Town

OpenHouseCapeTownThema: A New Landmark for Cape Town.
Beschreibung: The Western Cape Government Public Art Competition was established this year in celebration of 20 years of democracy and to promote design. The initiative was also aimed at promoting social inclusion, as the winning structure need to be accessible to everyone. All designs were required to fit the 20 Years of Freedom and Democracy theme, which incorporated the World Design Capital theme, “Live Design, Transform Life“. The winning concept in the Western Cape Government Public Art Competition, Open House was designed by Kimberley-born artist Jacques Coetzer, who drew inspiration from corrugated metal structures, RDP homes and the façades of Long Street’s buildings. Envisioned to be a symbol of democracy, Open House embodies shelter and ideas and is set to encourage dialogue and interaction between people of all walks of life. It is set to be an open platform for artistic expression and freedom of speech, which is symbolic of our democracy. Its balconies will play host to open mic poetry sessions, talks by international dignitaries, theatre productions and various annual events. On any other day, this space will serve as a tree top bench for your lunch break. While Long Street reflects Cape Town’s rich heritage and cultures, the Open House will have a life of its own. It will be positioned in view of direct traffic and passing pedestrians. The outdoor installation is set to be 10.5 meters tall and will be hard to miss with its blazing red corrugated iron frames, staircase and balconies. The final installation of the Open House should be completed in 2015, followed by the official unveiling.
Ort: Cape Town, South Africa
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Open House Cape Town

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