NYC Street Trees by Species

NYCTreesThema: Map of all New York City’s 592,130 Trees.
Beschreibung: One can explore the map in two ways: by using the tooltips and zoom function to identify particular trees, or by using the filter option to see the distribution of each species. The option of disabling the base map for a starker, more abstract view is also provided. The map makes clear the most prevalent trees in each borough, while simultaneously revealing clusters of diverse species. Tree selection varies per site based on site condition, overhead clearance and tree bed width. The Parks Department uses these criteria to define the habitat for each planting area, which in turn determines the range of species that can be planted. In addition to ensuring the selected species is a good fit for its environment, biological diversity is also an important consideration. Diseases and pests that target particular types of trees make varied plantings a necessity
Ort: New York City, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: NYC Street Trees by Species

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