Design Museum Dharavi

DesignMuseumDharaviThema: An innovative, nomadic cultural space.
Beschreibung: One of Asia’s largest ‘slums’, Dharavi is an informal settlement located right in the centre of Mumbai, India. A majority of homes in areas notified as “slums” by the government are built in bricks, steel and cement, by experienced teams of contractors, masons, plumbers, electricians and carpenters. One of the things that Dharavi lacks is a Museum that will showcase local talent. Around 1 million people live in Dharavi, and despite the tough conditions they live in, they are capable of creating, designing, manufacturing and commercialising all kinds of goods. Challenging the preconceived curatorial notions of design institutions today, the museum will feature a much more flexible program, encouraging residents to interact with cultural events. The Design Museum Dharavi reflects on the nomadic nature from thousands of workers and craftsmen who will have the chance to display their skills and take their work to a next level. Experience, intuition and imagination will be cleverly recombined in order to merge both the tradition and creativity that glows in the streets of Dharavi.
The Museum will open its doors during February 2016.
Ort: Mumbai, India
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Design Museum Dharavi

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