PrismaticNYC1Thema: A beautiful combination of art and data.
Beschreibung: Prismatic_nyc is a kinetic sculpture. It adapts real-time data into a physical visualization – bringing the fluctuations and flow of the outside world, inside. Using information gathered from Google Earth, Prismatic performs a sequence at sunrise. The colors pull from external images of New York’s sky to reflect an interpretation of the outside environment, on the inside experience.
The Prismatic sculpture cycles through space from its installation on the ceiling of the bridge. Prismatic’s performance can be altered, programmed, and controlled but moves in response to current weather conditions. Measuring data, such as cloud cover, wind speed, humidity, and accumulation or intensity of precipitation, directly affect the amplitude, frequency, speed, and position offset of the generated and animated wave form the sculpture is moving to. Temperature changes generate a noise function that develops the sculptures color and light behavior. It also has a calendar and receives API data to understanding the current season or holidays, sunrises and sunsets, tidal movements, and lunar and celestial events, always changing, and never the same. The design of the tapered prisms went through various iterations.  Generative and parametric design approaches ensured the optimization of the visual experience.  The prisms’ physical components, fabrication, applet, website, and experience are of custom design, using the highest quality materials to ensure maximum performance for the next five years.
Ort: New York City, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Prismatic_NYC
weitere Textquelle und Video: Prismatic_NYC

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