Babcock Ranch

BabcockRanchFloridaThema: A different approach to Town Making.
Beschreibung: Babcock Ranch is an eco-centric new town embedded in nature and powered by the sun, by innovation, and by the great outdoors. It is a place to live with purpose, passion, and energy, a place that inspires individuals and families to create their futures in their own way. This is a place where a walkable/bikeable lifestyle, an engaging downtown with a familiar Main Street vibe, and architectural designs rooted in regional styles and traditions encourage the joy of human connection that time has somehow forgotten. The people here value shared experiences, a deep connection with the land, and extraordinary moments with nature, just as they value that Babcock supports their personal well-being and desire for lifelong learning.
Phase 1 development – to be completed in 2017 – will have a total of 1,100 residences, providing the earliest residents of Babcock Ranch with a diverse mix of single family and multi-family options. The initial downtown district buildings will feature a state of the art wellness center, a market café, lakeside restaurant, educational facilities and an outdoor outfitters where residents and visitors can gear up to explore expansive lakes and an unparalleled trail system. When the town is completed, it will comprise 19,500 residences, an engaging downtown and a total of 6 million square feet of commercial and community space while still dedicating more than half of the total land for green spaces, lakes and nature trails. Ultimately, approximately 50,000 residents will call Babcock Ranch home.
Ort: Babcock Ranch, Florida, USA
Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Babcock Ranch


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