Green Lane Project

Thema: Making room for bicycles, as the density and compact character of urban environments make riding a bike an incredibly effective transportation option. Beschreibung: The Green Lane Project (GLP) is a two-year campaign to catalyze the creation of world-class protected bicycling networks on American streets. The Green Lane Project facilitates a partnership between six cities … Weiterlesen

Microarchitecture: Tumbleweedhouses

Thema: Microacrchitecture stresses the lack of space as a crucial ressource, exploring, questioning and designing forms and concepts of architecture in contemporary and for future urban contexts. The Tiny Houses have become a news trend owing to its Eco friendly nature and cheap expense. Jay Shafer’s Tumble Weed Tiny House Company is building these houses … Weiterlesen

Konza Technology City

Thema: Africa’s Silicon Savannah. Beschreibung: Konza is set to be one of the most successful cities in Africa, competing economically and culturally with the best cities in the world. Konza Technology City offers all the benefits of a greenfield, ‘clean sheet’ site but which is nevertheless right at the centre of things: 60km from the … Weiterlesen

Urban Put-Put Detroit

Thema: Urban put-put supports the rebirth of Detroit, embraces urban culture and provides a shared space to play by revitalizing a vacant lot with sculpture and recycled materials for the interaction and betterment of the community. Beschreibung: We are a group of Lawrence Tech students comprised mostly of Graphic Design and Architecture majors. Each member … Weiterlesen

Stockholm Royal Seaport – Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Thema: A new urban district in central Stockholm Beschreibung: A new urban district – Stockholm Royal Seaport – is developing in eastern Stockholm by the Royal National Urban Park. Here, modern architecture and environmental thinking is being combined, creating a new vibrant district for sustainable living, business and recreation. A former brownfield industrial area of … Weiterlesen

The Bloomingdale Trail: Chicago’s Next Great Park

Thema: Imagine a 3-mile-long elevated linear park and trail running through the heart of Chicago, connecting neighborhoods, the river, and Chicago’s great park system. Built from a former rail line, the Bloomingdale will make Chicago’s residents healthier, get people to school and work faster, and provide communities with great chances to play and mingle. Beschreibung: … Weiterlesen

Gensler’s new sustainable tower will be the tallest in China, Shanghai

Thema: Sustainable tower houses sky gardens and wind turbines. Beschreibung: Gensler architects have announced a sustainable tower that at 632 meters will be the tallest tower in the whole of China. The spiral-shaped tower will also be high on sustainably and environmental awareness, incorporating various ecofriendly features. Ort: Shanghai, China Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Gensler’s sustainable … Weiterlesen

Weill Hall – A White Wizard Goes Green

Thema: Contemporary Architecture Beschreibung: Richard Meier has long been known for cladding his buildings in white aluminum, and this work is no different. So at first look, calling it “green” may seem a misnomer, but the building has garnered acclaim for its low energy use and deft handling of this historically difficult-to-green building type: the … Weiterlesen

Kaylad – The electric cycle for the new generation

Thema: New Mobility. Beschreibung: Electric cycles such as the Kaylad 2.0 dismiss any fear of strong headwinds and also help flatten the fear of cycling over hilly terrain. Now, there is no hard and fast rule that only the physically strong can enjoy the sights of nature while cycling. Everyone can celebrate the great outdoors … Weiterlesen

Automated Rooftop Storage in Amsterdam

Thema: A new urban bicycle parking solution. Beschreibung: Like many dense cities, Amsterdam has a parking problem. In this city, though, it’s a problem of the two-wheeled variety. According to the city, there are about 295,000 bikes parked in the city at a given time but only 200,000 parking spots. But engineers at IBA, the … Weiterlesen