The Bike Project

Thema: Bikes to help London’s refugees get around. Beschreibung: Transport in London can be expensive. This is especially true for a refugee going through the asylum process. Having fled persecution and atrocity in their country of origin, they are forced to live on a mere £36 a week in benefits, and prevented from finding employment. … Weiterlesen


Thema: An elevated harbour ramp that speeds cyclists over an area that’s usually crowded with pedestrians. Beschreibung: The long ramp will separate completely cyclists from pedestrians. The cyclists will pass quickly and efficiently through the area, while experiencing a unique and exciting view. Finally, the elevated road will allow pedestrians the use of the entire … Weiterlesen


Thema: A pioneering educational programme with an innovative model. Beschreibung: Muktangan is an educational programme that offers alternatives to orthodox educational practices. The project seeks to offer a sustainable model of quality education at an affordable cost for the economically deprived sections of the society. Mission: To evolve sustainable, replicable inclusive models of quality child-centered … Weiterlesen

Konza Technology City

Thema: Africa’s Silicon Savannah. Beschreibung: Konza is set to be one of the most successful cities in Africa, competing economically and culturally with the best cities in the world. Konza Technology City offers all the benefits of a greenfield, ‘clean sheet’ site but which is nevertheless right at the centre of things: 60km from the … Weiterlesen

Transparent Chennai

Thema: Transparent Chennai aggregates, creates and disseminates data and research about important civic issues facing Chennai, including those issues facing the poor. Beschreibung: Their work aims to empower residents by providing them useful, easy-to-understand information that can better highlight citizen needs, shed light on government performance, and improve their lives in the city, one issue … Weiterlesen

Tianfu District Great City

Thema: Pläne für eine sich selbstversorgende Ökostadt in der Nähe von Chengdu. Beschreibung: Die Tianfu District Great City ist als Satellitenstadt Chengdus geplant und soll eine Fläche von 1,3 Quadratkilometern umfassen. Die Ökostadt ist als Modellstadt für andere Gebiete Chinas gedacht und soll einen Lösungsansatz für die Probleme heutiger chinesischer Städte liefern. Ziel ist die … Weiterlesen


Thema: The Lo-Down is a community web site dedicated to covering news, events and – most significantly – the people who live and work in one of the world’s greatest neighborhoods, the Lower East Side. Beschreibung: We are Ed Litvak and Traven Rice, a reformed television news producer and filmmaker (in that order). We are … Weiterlesen


Thema: Im Herzen Berlins, direkt an der Spree, liegt unser Mörchenland. Derzeit ist das 12.000qm große Areal noch eine Brache. Der Mörchenpark e.V. will an dieser Stelle einen vielseitigen Bürgerpark schaffen. Wenn wir uns nicht einmischen, kommt der Meistbietende zum Zuge und baut dort, am Bürgerinteresse vorbei, was am meisten Erträge verspricht. Wir möchten uns … Weiterlesen