Digital Matatus

Thema: Collaborative research and mapping for Nairobi’s Public Transit. Beschreibung: University of Nairobi, Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development, MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab, and Groupshot are working toward standardizing and opening transit data for Nairobi’s Matatus — the informal and de facto city bus system — and expanding our findings, tools, and processes … Weiterlesen


Thema: A collaborative community of people working together to build a smarter city. Beschreibung: Placemeter was created to give people the power of knowing what a place is like before they get there. We collect and serve up-to-the-minute information like how crowded a place is, how long the wait is, and whether it will get … Weiterlesen

Can City

Thema: Recycling urban waste into something more useful/valuable. Beschreibung: A project based in São Paulo where a mobile foundry operates around the city’s streets. The foundry smelts aluminum cans using waste vegetable oil collected from local cafes as fuel. The moulds and the finished pieces are all made on location, turning the street into an … Weiterlesen

Your Biking Wisdom in 10 Words

Thema: Social Media meets Bicycling. Beschreibung: The Times is collecting riders’ shared wisdom about their biking in New York. Explore their comments, add your own, or view popular routes on Strava, a running and cycling app. Ort: New York City, USA Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Biking Wisdom NYC

Humans of New York

Thema: Blog collecting impressions/pictures/quotes of inhabitants of New York City. Beschreibung: HONY resulted from an idea that I had to construct a photographic census of New York City. I thought it would be really cool to create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants, so I set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and plot … Weiterlesen


Thema: Turning waste into temporary meeting places Beschreibung: Foundation, a concept by Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten is about collecting waste material and old furniture from the neighborhood, moving it to a waste container, reusing it to turn it into a small house (with the container as the foundation), to become a temporary meeting … Weiterlesen


Thema: Pfandsammeln ist gefährlich, deswegen gibt es jetzt Pfandkisten. Beschreibung: Seit kurzem hängen in Hamburg an den gängigen Spots in der Schanze und St. Pauli Pfandkisten, die das Flaschensammeln von Pfandsammlern erleichtern sollen. Die Pfandkisten sind ein Projekt von der Initiative Pfand gehört daneben und Lemonaid. Ort: Hamburg, Deutschland Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Pfandsammeln s. a.: Pfandumverteiler