Thema: An anonymous artistic group, which carries out urban interventions in public spaces. Beschreibung: The two members of the team come from different disciplines: art and photography and have wanted to apply their creativity in a common action – to leave lights throughout the city so that other people put them out. They began to … Weiterlesen

Improv Everywhere

Thema: Creating disturbances that would encourage random strangers to interact with each other. Beschreibung: Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 missions involving tens of thousands of undercover agents. … Weiterlesen

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Thema: From 2013 the Olympic site will be named the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Beschreibung: After the 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Games, the Olympic Park will be a blueprint for community living, sporting opportunity and leisure activity combining Games’ venues with family-led homes and community facilities developed around major new attractions, open spaces, waterways and new bridges … Weiterlesen


Thema: Less parking, more parklets: City hopes new ‚people spots‘ will increase foot traffic; first designs are more pragmatic than creative. Beschreibung: Does it make sense to turn on-street parking spaces into miniature urban parks and plazas where people can sit, eat, check their mobile phones, read a book, take a catnap or watch the … Weiterlesen

Artfarms of Buffalo, NY

Thema: Urban agriculture is transforming once residential, abandoned land into small farms serving local groups. Beschreibung: ARTFARMS turns the area’s vacant properties into a new landscape of growing sculpture. It invites a wider audience to witness the formation of a new perception for the area that brings more visitors to the farm produce stores, more … Weiterlesen


Thema: Ein Kunstprojekt zu Raum, Musik und Architektur in Le Corbusiers Wohnmaschinen in Berlin und Marseille 2012/2013 Beschreibung: Im Zentrum des Projekts DAS WORT HABEN DIE BENÜTZER / LA PAROLE EST AUX USAGERS stehen das Berliner Corbusierhaus und die nahezu baugleiche Cité radieuse in Marseille – zwei von Le Corbusier in den 40er / 50er … Weiterlesen

Dead Drops

Beschreibung: ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessable to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your … Weiterlesen

18er Gold

Thema: Wohnungsgalerien. Beschreibung: 18er Gold was located in a former living room. This independent art space in Berlin Neukölln was founded by two Berlin based students from different universities and professions, during the summer of 2008. The gallery operates as an experimental platform, bringing together emerging local talents as well as promising artists from everywhere, … Weiterlesen