Dupont Underground

Thema: Revitalization of an abandoned trolley station for presenting, producing, and promoting cutting-edge arts, architecture, design, and creative endeavors. Beschreibung: The vision is to establish a cultural destination in the USA’s capital that partners with emerging voices in contemporary arts and architecture; encourages public participation, education, and engagement; and leverages development of the Dupont Underground … Weiterlesen

The Architectural League NY

Thema: A cultural nonprofit with the mission to advance the art of architecture. Beschreibung: The League carries out its mission by promoting excellence and innovation, and by fostering community and discussion in an independent forum for creative and intellectual work in architecture, urbanism, and related disciplines. We present the work and ideas of the world’s … Weiterlesen

Detroit SOUP

 Thema: A monthly dinner funding micro-grants for creative projects. Beschreibung: SOUP is a collaborative situation a public dinner a platform for connection a theatrical environment a democratic experiment in micro-funding a relational hub bringing together various creative communities a forum for critical but accessible discussion an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit. Ort: Detroit, … Weiterlesen

Stadt der Ströme

Thema: Tagung zur digitalen Stadt in analogen Räumen. Beschreibung: Das übergeordnete Thema der Konferenz sind die vielfältigen Schnittstellen zwischen digitaler und analoger (physischer) Stadt. In fünf Themenblöcken wollen wir aus verschiedenen Perspektiven (u. a. Soziologie, Design, Kulturarbeit, Architektur und Psychologie/Soziale Arbeit) die Wechselwirkungen zwischen neuen digitalen Services und Lebenswelten und Entwicklungen in der Architektur, Stadtplanung, … Weiterlesen