The Right to Flight

Thema: Urban observation. Beschreibung: This summer, artist and writer James Bridle is flying a balloon from the roof of Bold Tendencies, a multi-storey car park and art space in Peckham, South London. Attached to the balloon will be a variety of payloads, from darknet routers to aerial cameras, with the results of its experiments shared … Weiterlesen


Thema: An intergenerational surveillance program. Beschreibung: The city of Berlin, currently undergoing the biggest real estate boom since German reunification, has been chosen to pilot a global initiative monitoring urban development and decay over the next century. Instigated by experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats in cooperation with the Berlin-based team titanic gallery, the unauthorized surveillance program … Weiterlesen

Giulio Magnifico

Thema: A street photographer’s portfolio. Beschreibung: „When I see a face, a subject inside a scene… I must take a photo of it that can tell this story, this moment. Because every expression, every light, every detail, tells a story and I love to collect the soul of every person and of every scene. But … Weiterlesen

Life is on a new high

Thema: Urban Observation. Beschreibung: The project aims to address the issue of the changing landscape and unregulated construction in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. The city is undergoing a massive construction boom, with more than 15 supertalls, hundreds of skyscrapers and thousands of high-rise buildings under construction. Currently Mumbai is home to the largest … Weiterlesen

Bowery Boogie – Lower East Side News and Lifestyle

Thema: Bowery Boogie is a New York City-based, hyperlocal website that chronicles the happenings of the Lower East Side. Beschreibung: The mission is to document the past, present, and future of the ever-changing neighborhood landscape. In doing so, everything from the latest local news and community events, to street art, graffiti, and film set location … Weiterlesen

Navid Baraty Takes Urban Photography to New Heights

Thema: Urban photography. Beschreibung: Born and raised in rural Ohio, photographer Navid Baraty’s artistic passion led him from his unfulfilling days of working as an engineer to becoming a photographer in San Francisco and then New York City. He became obsessed with photography because of its universal ability to engage our senses and tell a … Weiterlesen

Detroiturbex – Exploring and Understanding The City of Detroit

Thema: Urban exploration and documentation of change in Detroit. Beschreibung: Raising awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit faces through photography. Ort: Detroit, USA Web und Text-/Bildquelle: What Happened to Detroit: Detroit Now and Then:

Street Seats

Thema: Mapping Streat Seats Beschreibung: As silly as it sounds, the opportunity to sit down is one of the great joys, if not necessities of urban living. Yet cities the world over fail to provide enough places for people to rest, socialize, or simply watch the world go by. We think this needs to change, … Weiterlesen

Berliner Fotoapparat

Thema: Grandiose Berlin-Fotografien. Beschreibung: Vorwiegend Berliner Impressionen von Tim Trzoska. Ort: Berlin, Deutschland Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Berliner Fotoapparat


Thema: Portraits von Einwohnern Berlins. Beschreibung: Die Fo­to­film-Se­rie „ber­lin­fol­gen“ ist ei­ne Ko­pro­duk­ti­on von und 2470­me­dia. Men­schen, die in Ber­lin le­ben, er­zäh­len hier ih­re ganz per­sön­li­che Ge­schich­te. Da­bei füh­ren sie uns an be­son­de­re Or­te der Stadt. Und das nicht wie üb­lich in Vi­deo­b­il­dern, son­dern in knapp drei­mi­nü­ti­gen Fo­to­fil­men: mit­tels star­ker Fo­to­gra­fie, Vi­deo­ele­men­ten, In­ter­views und O-Tö­nen. Es … Weiterlesen