Real Time Farms

Thema: Know where your food comes from. Beschreibung: A crowd-sourced nationwide (USA) food guide. We enable you to trace your food back to the farm it came from, whether staying in or dining out, so you can find food you feel good about eating. Restaurants can manage & publish their menus across multiple platforms & … Weiterlesen


Thema: Less parking, more parklets: City hopes new ‚people spots‘ will increase foot traffic; first designs are more pragmatic than creative. Beschreibung: Does it make sense to turn on-street parking spaces into miniature urban parks and plazas where people can sit, eat, check their mobile phones, read a book, take a catnap or watch the … Weiterlesen

Hester Street Fair

Thema: The Hester Street Fair celebrates the culture and rich history of the Lower East Side neighborhood. Beschreibung: Hester Street Fair, located in a beautiful park setting, was once home to New York City’s largest and oldest pushcart markets. Our mission is to sell quality goods and food, but to also create a space that … Weiterlesen