Thema: A beautiful combination of art and data. Beschreibung: Prismatic_nyc is a kinetic sculpture. It adapts real-time data into a physical visualization – bringing the fluctuations and flow of the outside world, inside. Using information gathered from Google Earth, Prismatic performs a sequence at sunrise. The colors pull from external images of New York’s sky … Weiterlesen

Amagerforbrændingen Waste to Energy Plant

Thema: A new breed of waste-to-energy plant, one that is economically, environmentally, and socially profitable. Beschreibung: A public ski slope on the roof above the working waste-to-energy plant will be inserted, transforming otherwise unused space into a social sporting venue. Visitors will reach the dizzying heights of Amagerforbrændingen ski roof via an external lift system … Weiterlesen

Konza Technology City

Thema: Africa’s Silicon Savannah. Beschreibung: Konza is set to be one of the most successful cities in Africa, competing economically and culturally with the best cities in the world. Konza Technology City offers all the benefits of a greenfield, ‘clean sheet’ site but which is nevertheless right at the centre of things: 60km from the … Weiterlesen

Rio de Janeiro: The gondola opens up the favela

Thema: Urban Transportation Beschreibung: Linking the mountainous favela with the rest of the city – and ensuring its participation in Rio’s fast-growing economy – was a serious challenge. The Complex of Alemao’s uneven terrain was not suitable for conventional modes of transportation, but the gondola is a smart and cost-effective solution for the integration of … Weiterlesen