Thema: A retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store. Beschreibung: Every four to eight weeks, STORY completely reinvents itself – from merchandise and store design to floor plan and fixtures – to bring to light a new theme, trend, or issue. … Weiterlesen

The Goods Line

Thema: A whole-of-government project which will open up a pedestrian and cycle network. Beschreibung: The Goods Line will create a new urban hub and connect more than 80,000 tertiary students, locals and visitors to the many major attractions of Sydney’s much-loved Darling Harbour. The corridor will feature a series of elevated spaces or platforms which … Weiterlesen

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative – Making The Brooklyn Greenway a Reality

Thema: The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway is a planned 14-mile route from Greenpoint through Sunset Park. Beschreibung: Brooklyn Greenway Initiative’s vision for the completed greenway is an off-street, landscaped route, with separate lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians. It will incorporate green infrastructure elements wherever possible and function as a commuter and recreation route for Brooklyn residents … Weiterlesen

Tempo 7

Beschreibung: In Schwetzingen, in Baden-Württemberg, herrscht in der gesamten Innenstadt Schrittgeschwindigkeit (Tempo 7). Der Bürgermeister sieht in dem Tempolimit “die Gelegenheit, sich kurz zu entschleunigen – der Alltag ist stressig genug”. Damit kehrt die Harmonie zurück auf die Straße. Ort: Schwetzingen, Deutschland Web und Text-/Bildquelle (link nicht mehr verfügabar): Tagesschau-Video: