Green Bronx Machine

Thema: Green Bronx Machine is a NYS non-for-profit corporation. Beschreibung: Green Bronx Machine believes that the greening of America starts with the greening of hearts, minds and wallets rooted in triple bottom line orientations. Green Bronx Machine is dedicated to changing mind-sets and landscapes while harvesting hope and cultivating opportunities inclusively for all of America. … Weiterlesen

HK Farm / Hong Kong Farm

Thema: Urban Farming in Hong Kong. Beschreibung: HK Farm aims to grow local and organic food on Hong Kong rooftops. Vegetables and Herbs are grown, local honey is harvested. The first rooftop is located on an industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok. Ort: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China Web … Weiterlesen

Riverpark Farm NYC

Thema: Urban Gardening in NYC. Beschreibung: Created in 2011 as one of the largest, most urban farms in New York City, the award-winning Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center™ is a landmark example of a temporary alternative use of a stalled construction site. Just as innovative as the Farm’s location are the methods used to operate … Weiterlesen

Artfarms of Buffalo, NY

Thema: Urban agriculture is transforming once residential, abandoned land into small farms serving local groups. Beschreibung: ARTFARMS turns the area’s vacant properties into a new landscape of growing sculpture. It invites a wider audience to witness the formation of a new perception for the area that brings more visitors to the farm produce stores, more … Weiterlesen


Thema: Anders gärtnern in der Stadt Beschreibung: Seit Sommer 2009 befindet sich am Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg der Prinzessinnengarten. Wo über 60 Jahre eine Brachfläche war, wird heute eine große Vielfalt von Gemüse- und Kräutersorten mitten in der Stadt angebaut. Im Sommer 2009 haben wir damit angefangen, diese 6000 ungenutzten Quadratmeter vom Müll zu befreien und … Weiterlesen

Battery Urban Farm

Thema: Battery Urban Farm is a one acre educational farm, located in the historic Battery, the 25 acre park at the tip of Manhattan. Our turkey-shaped farm is home to over 80 varieties of organically-grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, and companion plants. Beschreibung: We are open for the growing season, from April through November. During … Weiterlesen

Bus Top Gardening

Thema: Bus Top Gardening Beschreibung: Are there any urban objects left that do not have an urban garden on their roof? New York-based designer Marco Antonio Castro Cosio came up with a graduation project at the NYU, that claims to increase the amount of green spaces in the city. Bus Roots is a living garden … Weiterlesen


Thema: Innovative städtische Lebensmittelherstellung. Beschreibung: Mischung aus Aquakultur (Fischproduktion) und Hydroponic (Pflanzenproduktion in Wasser ohne Boden). Ort: Vorreiter in Milwaukee, USA, zur Verbesserung der Sozialstrukturen durch lokal produzierte Lebensmittel, inzwischen weltweit. Web und Bildquelle: Aquaponic

Dalston Roof Park

Thema: Urban Gardening, Co-Working Spaces, Re-Publicisation. Beschreibung: Dalston Roof Park is part of wider work we are doing to ensure that the regeneration of Dalston is based around micro development – bottom up improvements that involve the local community and have wide ranging positive effects. Ort: London, UK Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Dalston Roof Park