The Lawn on D

Thema: A first-of-its-kind outdoor interactive space in Boston. Beschreibung: The Lawn on D is an experimental event landscape that brings together different communities, audiences and area residents for innovative programming and events in the epicenter of the Innovation District and South Boston neighborhood. The Lawn on D is designed to encourage public engagement, foster creativity … Weiterlesen


Thema: A casual night bicycle ride. Beschreibung: The #moonlightmass is a casual night bicycle ride starting at the Green Point Circle on a full moon once a month. Started as a social experiment on twitter the ride has been gaining popularity and on our last ride we had hundreds riders raising awareness for cycling in … Weiterlesen

Detroit SOUP

 Thema: A monthly dinner funding micro-grants for creative projects. Beschreibung: SOUP is a collaborative situation a public dinner a platform for connection a theatrical environment a democratic experiment in micro-funding a relational hub bringing together various creative communities a forum for critical but accessible discussion an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit. Ort: Detroit, … Weiterlesen

Now Delhi

Thema: Stories of emerging sub-culture, in and about the capital city of India. Beschreibung: Now Delhi is a video time capsule. It is future memories in high definition. It is a screenshot of emerging Indian sub-culture. The aim is to showcase progressive Indian Sub-culture and professionals experimenting across mediums and put them all on a … Weiterlesen


Thema: Berlins Kunst und Architektur abseits etablierter Wege. Beschreibung: Ob experimentelle Kunsträume oder innovative Architektur, wir lieben Berlin für seine kreativen Nischen und wollen diese ins verdiente Licht rücken. NICHE Berlin bietet individuelle Touren an, die Sie dorthin führen, wo Berlin derzeit am Spannendsten ist. Anstelle renommierter Galerien oder bekannter Bauwerke präsentieren die Führungen aufregende … Weiterlesen

Kulturlabor Trial & Error

Thema: Kulturlabor Trial & Error is a Berlin based, non profit organization, working with crafts, D.I.Y. culture, sustainability, arts and media. Beschreibung: Kulturlabor Trial & Error is a collective of designers and craftivists, thinkers and doers, artists and project managers – who implement social and cultural projects. By using media, handicraft and art as tools … Weiterlesen


Thema: South African/European Exhibition Beschreibung: The exhibition will show artistic computer games, interactive and playful installations, video documentations of public intervention and games. As South African and European culture is brought together, games and media art stands united too. Both fields open discussions, show parallels and therefore, gain new insights and knowledge. Artistic arcade games … Weiterlesen

18er Gold

Thema: Wohnungsgalerien. Beschreibung: 18er Gold was located in a former living room. This independent art space in Berlin Neukölln was founded by two Berlin based students from different universities and professions, during the summer of 2008. The gallery operates as an experimental platform, bringing together emerging local talents as well as promising artists from everywhere, … Weiterlesen