Oranjezicht City Farm

Thema: Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is a neighbourhood non-profit project celebrating local food, culture and community. Beschreibung: The Oranjezicht City Farm is a community of adults and younger folk working together to engage in small-scale food production in the City Bowl of Cape Town. To improve under-utilised public green spaces by creating demonstration gardens for … Weiterlesen

Riverpark Farm NYC

Thema: Urban Gardening in NYC. Beschreibung: Created in 2011 as one of the largest, most urban farms in New York City, the award-winning Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center™ is a landmark example of a temporary alternative use of a stalled construction site. Just as innovative as the Farm’s location are the methods used to operate … Weiterlesen


Thema: Gärtnern über den Dächern des Wedding im interkulturellen Gemeinschaftsdachgarten. Beschreibung: Der urbane Gemeinschaftsgarten himmelbeet auf dem Dach des real,- SB-Warenhauses in der Müllerstraße 47 (U-Bahn Seestraße) wird ab Mai 2013 ein Begegnungs- und Lernort für Anwohner, Besucher des Einkaufszentrums und Akteure in der Umgebung (Schulen, Altenheime, Vereine) sein. JedeR ist eingeladen, mitzugärtnern, sein Wissen … Weiterlesen

Supertrees in Singapore: Giant concrete and metal ‚plants‘

Thema: Green Gardening, Housing, and Conserving Beschreibung: …the installation will house a cluster of green conservatories and inside the Supertrees plants from around the world will be displayed. The park will also become home to the Singapore Garden Festival. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2009806/Singapore-Supertrees-50-metre-manmade-trees-installed-middle-city.html#ixzz1yDrhbiN2 Ort: Singapore Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Supertrees in Singapore: Giant concrete and metal ‚plants‘ … Weiterlesen

Bus Top Gardening

Thema: Bus Top Gardening Beschreibung: Are there any urban objects left that do not have an urban garden on their roof? New York-based designer Marco Antonio Castro Cosio came up with a graduation project at the NYU, that claims to increase the amount of green spaces in the city. Bus Roots is a living garden … Weiterlesen

Dalston Roof Park

Thema: Urban Gardening, Co-Working Spaces, Re-Publicisation. Beschreibung: Dalston Roof Park is part of wider work we are doing to ensure that the regeneration of Dalston is based around micro development – bottom up improvements that involve the local community and have wide ranging positive effects. Ort: London, UK Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Dalston Roof Park