On the Grid

Thema: A designer’s guide to neighborhood gems. Beschreibung: It was created by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn. Excited by all the new places we discovered after moving to the neighborhood of Gowanus, we decided to make a simple, user-friendly guide which would allow us to share these gems with the rest of the … Weiterlesen


Thema: Homeless people leading tours through Berlin. / Obdachlose zeigen ihr Berlin. Beschreibung: This summer, querstadtein invites you to take a new look at the capital: for the first time in Berlin, homeless people will lead tours, offering fresh views on familiar sights. Former and current homeless people tell stories of life on the street, … Weiterlesen

Santa Monica Wellbeing Project

Thema: Measuring of urban wellbeing. Beschreibung: The City of Santa Monica’s Wellbeing Project can be summed up in three words: Define. Measure. Act. We will define wellbeing as it relates to our community. We will measure wellbeing in our community. We will act on this information by using it to guide city policies, decisions, and … Weiterlesen

Train Times

Thema: Live train map for the London Underground. Beschreibung: This map shows all trains (yellow dots) on the London Underground network in approximately real time. Live departure data is fetched from the TfL API, and then it does a bit of maths and magic. Ort: London, UK Web und Text-/Bildquelle: http://traintimes.org.uk/map/tube

Real Time Farms

Thema: Know where your food comes from. Beschreibung: A crowd-sourced nationwide (USA) food guide. We enable you to trace your food back to the farm it came from, whether staying in or dining out, so you can find food you feel good about eating. Restaurants can manage & publish their menus across multiple platforms & … Weiterlesen


Thema: Berlins Kunst und Architektur abseits etablierter Wege. Beschreibung: Ob experimentelle Kunsträume oder innovative Architektur, wir lieben Berlin für seine kreativen Nischen und wollen diese ins verdiente Licht rücken. NICHE Berlin bietet individuelle Touren an, die Sie dorthin führen, wo Berlin derzeit am Spannendsten ist. Anstelle renommierter Galerien oder bekannter Bauwerke präsentieren die Führungen aufregende … Weiterlesen

Guiding Architects

Thema: Network of architectural guided tours by architects, architectural historians and writers. Beschreibung: guiding architects is an international network for architectural guided tours. Our members are independent companies, all of which offer professional tours in the region or city where they are based. During the tours, current architectural developments, urban contexts, social and political backgrounds … Weiterlesen

Downtown LA Art Walk

Thema: The Downtown LA Art Walk is a monthly showcase and celebration of the best galleries, artists, photography, restaurants, bars and shops, and businesses located in Downtown Los Angeles. Beschreibung: The free, self-guided, public art phenomenon known as The Downtown Art Walk brings together art lovers and community friends to the ever evolving downtown Los … Weiterlesen

Stadt im Ohr

Thema: Audioguide für Stadtwanderungen Beschreibung: stadt im ohr entwickelt Audioführungen, die Sie auf Ihrer Berlinerkundung begleiten. Ort: Berlin, Deutschland Web und Text-/Bildquelle: http://stadt-im-ohr.de