UX – The New French Hacker-Artist Underground

Thema: A mysterious band of hacker-artists is prowling the network of tunnels below Paris, secretly refurbishing the city’s neglected treasures. Beschreibung: UX is sort of like an artist’s collective, but far from being avant-garde – confronting audiences by pushing the boundaries of the new – its only audience is itself. More surprising still, its work … Weiterlesen

Hacking Urban Spaces: Urban Wild Furniture

Thema: Inspired by the hacker culture, Florian Riviere reinvests and diverts public space to allow citizens to reclaim their environment. His interventions, located between urban design „Do It Yourself“ and upcycling (upgrading waste), have the particularity to be spontaneous and raw, exclusively made with objects found in the street, and always with humor. Games, furnishings, traps, … Weiterlesen