Y:Cube Housing

Thema: A new housing concept providing self-contained units that requires no capital grant and  offers affordable accommodation for single people in housing need. Beschreibung: Y:Cube Housing is ideally suited for move on accommodation for single people who have previously been accommodated in hostels/foyers and other temporary housing schemes. There are other applications for Y:Cube Housing … Weiterlesen

Project 24

Thema: Transforming a derelict, unused and unseen town centre location into a welcoming, vibrant, creative and pleasurable shared space. Beschreibung: Project 24 is a unique temporary art project on Bangor seafront. Project 24 is the new destination for Bangor – it is a creative hub for both residents and visitors. Project 24 includes 12 artist … Weiterlesen


Thema: Stealth shelters. Beschreibung: The rapid shelter opens like an umbrella for urban campers, together in warmth. These spaces are actually in legal ambiguity, cantilevered on the law between private and public property. By appropriating blind walls, we are in reality neither inside nor outside. It’s this interstitial space that has been taken and thickened … Weiterlesen


Thema: An alternative transitional housing community for otherwise unhoused individuals and couples. Beschreibung: Opportunity Village Eugene is a pilot project that will provide transitional micro-housing for 30-40 homeless individuals and couples at a time. The transitional micro-housing will be compact (60-100 square feet) and transportable (less than 8 feet wide). The idea is to combine … Weiterlesen

De Ceuvel: On-land harbor rising from a polluted brownfield

Thema: Post-Industrial Land and Discarded Houseboats Transformed into a Creative Eco-Community. Beschreibung: De Ceuvel is a planned workplace for creative and social enterprises adjacent to the van Hasselt kanaal off the river IJ in Amsterdam North. The land was secured for a 10-year lease from the city of Amsterdam after a group of initiators won … Weiterlesen

Tianfu District Great City

Thema: Pläne für eine sich selbstversorgende Ökostadt in der Nähe von Chengdu. Beschreibung: Die Tianfu District Great City ist als Satellitenstadt Chengdus geplant und soll eine Fläche von 1,3 Quadratkilometern umfassen. Die Ökostadt ist als Modellstadt für andere Gebiete Chinas gedacht und soll einen Lösungsansatz für die Probleme heutiger chinesischer Städte liefern. Ziel ist die … Weiterlesen

Gensler’s new sustainable tower will be the tallest in China, Shanghai

Thema: Sustainable tower houses sky gardens and wind turbines. Beschreibung: Gensler architects have announced a sustainable tower that at 632 meters will be the tallest tower in the whole of China. The spiral-shaped tower will also be high on sustainably and environmental awareness, incorporating various ecofriendly features. Ort: Shanghai, China Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Gensler’s sustainable … Weiterlesen

Supertrees in Singapore: Giant concrete and metal ‚plants‘

Thema: Green Gardening, Housing, and Conserving Beschreibung: …the installation will house a cluster of green conservatories and inside the Supertrees plants from around the world will be displayed. The park will also become home to the Singapore Garden Festival. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2009806/Singapore-Supertrees-50-metre-manmade-trees-installed-middle-city.html#ixzz1yDrhbiN2 Ort: Singapore Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Supertrees in Singapore: Giant concrete and metal ‚plants‘ … Weiterlesen