Park and Slide

Thema: Temporary urban transformation. Beschreibung: Enabling people to navigate the streets of their city in a new way, the slide is a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape. This massive urban slide transforms the street and asks people to take a fresh look at the potential of their city and … Weiterlesen


Thema: Pop-up parks for everyone. Beschreibung: Softwalks imagines new experiences on the street. We are a design studio, and recently produced a Kit of Parts for sidewalk sheds. The kit is for place-making – so you can sit, chat and take a break in a new novel place. Our bigger goal and mission is to … Weiterlesen

Institut Imaginärer Inseln / Institute of Imaginary Islands

Thema: Ort des Austauschs – Institut Imaginärer Inseln Beschreibung: Als einzigartige Orte der Isolation und Inspiration spiegeln erfundene Inseln, von Atlantis in Platons Lehrgedicht bis Thomas Morus Utopia und Daniel Defoes Klassiker der Inselliteratur Robinson Crusoe, Ideen und Vorstellungen ihrer Erfinder in gleichnishafter Form wider und bieten anschauliche Sinnbilder unterschiedlichster Lebens-und Weltentwürfe. Das Institut für … Weiterlesen

The Bloomingdale Trail: Chicago’s Next Great Park

Thema: Imagine a 3-mile-long elevated linear park and trail running through the heart of Chicago, connecting neighborhoods, the river, and Chicago’s great park system. Built from a former rail line, the Bloomingdale will make Chicago’s residents healthier, get people to school and work faster, and provide communities with great chances to play and mingle. Beschreibung: … Weiterlesen