New York Compost Box Project

Thema: Composting made easy for New Yorkers on the go. Beschreibung: City dwellers looking to dispose of organic material while keeping their communities green will have another way to pitch in amid the changing media landscape. Those ubiquitous newspaper boxes that have lain dormant with the rise of the web have found new life – … Weiterlesen

Ghost Arroyos

Thema: A visual and oral exploration of San Francisco’s forgotten, invisible waterways on Market Street. Beschreibung: Every city has invisible histories embedded within its landscape. Up until the 19th century, ephemeral streams ran through nearly every valley in San Francisco, channeling rainwater to peripheral tidal estuaries. This project, „Ghost Arroyos“ seeks to reveal these forgotten … Weiterlesen

Park and Slide

Thema: Temporary urban transformation. Beschreibung: Enabling people to navigate the streets of their city in a new way, the slide is a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape. This massive urban slide transforms the street and asks people to take a fresh look at the potential of their city and … Weiterlesen


Thema: An anonymous artistic group, which carries out urban interventions in public spaces. Beschreibung: The two members of the team come from different disciplines: art and photography and have wanted to apply their creativity in a common action – to leave lights throughout the city so that other people put them out. They began to … Weiterlesen


Thema: South African/European Exhibition Beschreibung: The exhibition will show artistic computer games, interactive and playful installations, video documentations of public intervention and games. As South African and European culture is brought together, games and media art stands united too. Both fields open discussions, show parallels and therefore, gain new insights and knowledge. Artistic arcade games … Weiterlesen

Street Art meets Urban Branding: Hygienic Dress League

Thema: Instersection of Branding and Street Art. Beschreibung: After London, Detroit-based artists Dorota and Steve Coy finally hit Berlin. Also known as ‚Hygienic Dress League‘ (HDL) they left a „lasting“ impression on RAW Temple, an art-location close to Warschauer Brücke, Berlin Friedrichshain. Operating at the intersection of branding and street art, their murals add an … Weiterlesen

Hacking Urban Spaces: Urban Wild Furniture

Thema: Inspired by the hacker culture, Florian Riviere reinvests and diverts public space to allow citizens to reclaim their environment. His interventions, located between urban design „Do It Yourself“ and upcycling (upgrading waste), have the particularity to be spontaneous and raw, exclusively made with objects found in the street, and always with humor. Games, furnishings, traps, … Weiterlesen

Do the Green Thing

Thema: Green Thing is a not-for-profit public service that inspires people to lead a greener life. Beschreibung: With the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world, Green Thing focuses on seven things you can do – and enjoy doing. Join people from 209 countries doing their … Weiterlesen

Gentrification by Culture

Thema: Das BMW Guggenheim Lab wird aus Angst vor Gentrifizierungsgegnern in Berlin-Kreuzberg abgesagt Beschreibung: Das BMW Guggenheim Lab ist in Berlin Kreuzberg gescheitert. Hintergrund der Absage sind die zahlreichen Gewaltandrohungen der linken Szene gegen das Lab. Im Internet haben Aktivisten bereits mehrfach dazu aufgerufen, das Projekt zu „verhindern“. Auf einem der letzten Brachgrundstücke am Kreuzberger … Weiterlesen

Murks? Nein Danke!

Thema: Community-Portal gegen Wegwerfproduktion Beschreibung: Blog und Portal zur Sammlung von Hinweisen auf Produkte, deren Verschleißzeit auf ihre Mindeshaltbarkeitszeit ausgelegt ist. Ort: Berlin, Deutschland / Internet Web und Text-/Bildquelle: