Bleeding Heart Design

Thema: Public interest design and a mosaic of art, installations and architecture. Beschreibung: The purpose of Bleeding Heart Design is to evoke emotions that spark positivity in the lives of the people who encounter it. In turn it stifles and demotes negative and malicious behavior and characteristics, promotes self-evaluation and makes people question the positivity … Weiterlesen

SW Ecodistrict

Thema: Sustainable urban development. Beschreibung: The SW Ecodistrict Initiative is a comprehensive effort to transform a 15-block federal precinct just south of the National Mall into a showcase of sustainable urban development. In addition to accommodating the future space needs of the federal government, the Ecodistrict will extend the civic qualities of the National Mall, … Weiterlesen

Dalston Roof Park

Thema: Urban Gardening, Co-Working Spaces, Re-Publicisation. Beschreibung: Dalston Roof Park is part of wider work we are doing to ensure that the regeneration of Dalston is based around micro development – bottom up improvements that involve the local community and have wide ranging positive effects. Ort: London, UK Web und Text-/Bildquelle: Dalston Roof Park