Thema: A collaborative community of people working together to build a smarter city. Beschreibung: Placemeter was created to give people the power of knowing what a place is like before they get there. We collect and serve up-to-the-minute information like how crowded a place is, how long the wait is, and whether it will get … Weiterlesen

Real Time Farms

Thema: Know where your food comes from. Beschreibung: A crowd-sourced nationwide (USA) food guide. We enable you to trace your food back to the farm it came from, whether staying in or dining out, so you can find food you feel good about eating. Restaurants can manage & publish their menus across multiple platforms & … Weiterlesen

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC)

Thema: We’re all about Detroit. DEGC is a private, non-profit organization. We’re not part of the city of Detroit’s government, but we are a long-time partner of it. We love Detroit, and are dedicated to strengthening the city from the inside out. Beschreibung: DEGC has been designed to make business success in Detroit possible. Many … Weiterlesen

Weill Hall – A White Wizard Goes Green

Thema: Contemporary Architecture Beschreibung: Richard Meier has long been known for cladding his buildings in white aluminum, and this work is no different. So at first look, calling it “green” may seem a misnomer, but the building has garnered acclaim for its low energy use and deft handling of this historically difficult-to-green building type: the … Weiterlesen


Thema: Müllmänner portraitieren ihre Stadt – mit ihren Mülltonnen Beschreibung: Kaum jemand kennt seine Stadt so gut wie die Hamburger Müllmänner, die jeden Tag, bei Wind und Wetter unterwegs sind. Sie drücken ihre Liebe zu ihrer Stadt nun auf besondere Weise aus: Mit umgebauten Mülltonnen fotografieren sie Lieblingsorte, die sie auf ihren Touren durch alle … Weiterlesen