Thema: A logistical service designed to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s local food system using e‑trikes. Beschreibung: FOODLOGICA links local food, consumers and businesses in Amsterdam’s city center through transport that reduces emissions, congestion and pollution. FOODLOGICA’s flexible services suit diverse clients, such as local businesses such as food shops, small-scale food producers, chefs, … Weiterlesen

HK Helpers Campaign

Thema: A Campaign for Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers. Beschreibung: Helpers are arguably the backbone of Hong Kong’s middle class and the engine of its economy. They leave their own loved ones to care for our children, the elderly and run our homes – allowing Hong Kong families to earn double incomes. More than half of … Weiterlesen

Phoenix Towers

Thema: Urban reinvigoration. Beschreibung: Phoenix Towers will be an iconic landmark within an ambitious environmental master plan for Wuhan, the capital of central China. Situated on the Yangtze River at the crossroads of nine provinces, the ‘City of 1000 Lakes’, population 10 million, has recently been designated an environmental ‘Super City’ by the regional and … Weiterlesen

Transform Kansas City

Thema: A joint effort to develop a public discourse on the opportunities of rail transit and facilitate professional and community input in the development of a more sustainable built environment. Beschreibung: Transform Kansas City is intended to inspire the public’s imagination about regional mobility by showcasing built and un-built work from around the world that … Weiterlesen

Magnificent Revolution

Thema: Magnificent Revolution is a not-for-profit education project based in London. Made up of artists, musicians, designers, ecologists, and engineers, Magnificent Revolution has flourished into a cross-disciplinary organisation working in education, ecology, engineering, design, art, music and film. Beschreibung: Magnificent Revolution is aimed at helping people understand their energy use, its links with power  production and … Weiterlesen

Rio de Janeiro: The gondola opens up the favela

Thema: Urban Transportation Beschreibung: Linking the mountainous favela with the rest of the city – and ensuring its participation in Rio’s fast-growing economy – was a serious challenge. The Complex of Alemao’s uneven terrain was not suitable for conventional modes of transportation, but the gondola is a smart and cost-effective solution for the integration of … Weiterlesen