Al Fayah Park

Thema: Designing a park in the desert. Beschreibung: A series of cracked pieces of the desert surface raised on columns will form a gentle dome across the site. These elevated pieces create a perforated canopy of partial shade under which a lush garden can grow, protected from the harsh excesses of the hot desert sun. … Weiterlesen

LOCK8 – Lock ’n‘ LOCATE

Thema: The world’s first smart bike lock. Beschreibung: Intelligent sensors protect your bike from being tampered with. The painfully loud 120dB bike lock alarm will deter any would-be thief and send an instant push notification to you and other Lock8 users nearby; so your bike is safe, even when you’re not there to watch over … Weiterlesen

Paper Pulp Helmets

Thema: A low cost, recyclable, bicycle helmet for use in conjunction with the London Bicycle Hire Scheme. Manufactured from waste newspapers that circulate the London transport network. Beschreibung: The helmets are intended for short periods of use and can be disposed of back into waste system. The helmet and strap are fully recyclable and can … Weiterlesen

Green Lane Project

Thema: Making room for bicycles, as the density and compact character of urban environments make riding a bike an incredibly effective transportation option. Beschreibung: The Green Lane Project (GLP) is a two-year campaign to catalyze the creation of world-class protected bicycling networks on American streets. The Green Lane Project facilitates a partnership between six cities … Weiterlesen

NY4P – New Yorkers for Parks

Thema: NY4P is the citywide independent organization championing quality parks and open spaces for all New Yorkers in all neighborhoods. Beschreibung: New Yorkers for Parks conducts research and develops tangible policy recommendations around our findings related to park development, management and sustainability. Using this research as a foundation for our advocacy campaigns, NY4P drives both … Weiterlesen

Twenty Something London

Thema: A recommendations website that wants to support independent businesses and ‘Do Something Different’. Beschreibung: Quality recommendations on anything and everything in London in effort to be a useful aide to young-spirited Londoners are provided. Following the lines of ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it’ they only write about things … Weiterlesen

Rückkehr der Kollektive

Thema: Ein Kollektiv kauft in Leipzig-Lindenau leer stehende Immobilien auf, um das Viertel wiederzubeleben und vor steigenden Mietpreisen zu bewahren. Beschreibung: Seit dem Jahr 2009 versuchen ein paar junge Lindenauer durch die Vereinsgründung von „Kunzsoffe“ ihr Viertel vor der Gentrifizierung zu schützen. Sie pachten ein Haus für 99 Jahre und bauen es zu einem Werkstättenhaus um. … Weiterlesen