Spread the Word Campaign

Thema: Opening a library in every homeless shelter. Beschreibung: The Spread the Word Campaign aims to introduce libraries in homeless shelters across London, restoring faith and rebuilding lives through literature. The idea is to get people to donate a book that has influenced them personally to their local homeless shelter. Instead of just providing homeless … Weiterlesen

Play Me, I’m Yours – Street Pianos

Thema: Street Pianos are designed to provoke people into engaging, activating and claiming ownership of their urban landscape. Beschreibung: Play Me, I’m Yours was first commissioned by Fierce Earth in Birmingham, UK, in 2008. With 15 pianos located across the city over three weeks it was estimated that over 140,000 people played or listened to … Weiterlesen

Transparent Chennai

Thema: Transparent Chennai aggregates, creates and disseminates data and research about important civic issues facing Chennai, including those issues facing the poor. Beschreibung: Their work aims to empower residents by providing them useful, easy-to-understand information that can better highlight citizen needs, shed light on government performance, and improve their lives in the city, one issue … Weiterlesen