Outstanding Landscape of Affordances

Thema: A vision of the workplace where the chair and the table are no longer the starting point. Beschreibung: Outstanding Landscape of Affordances shows how our offices could invite a more active and healthy life style. RAAAF | Barbara Visser presented an animation of a futuristic landscape of possibilities for working while standing up, a … Weiterlesen

Hudson Yards

Thema: America’s biggest real estate project – ever. Beschreibung: Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States and the largest development in New York City since Rockefeller Center. It is anticipated that more than 24 million people will visit Hudson Yards every year. The site will ultimately … Weiterlesen

Redesign of the Battersea Power Station

Thema: Urban conversion. Beschreibung: Battersea Power Station has been envisaged as a complete place, that offers the fullest range of experiences to the people that live, work and visit there. The masterplan re-imagines the Power Station as a logical extension of the capital. It connects the riverside walk and Battersea Park with the green spaces of the Power Station. It … Weiterlesen

Urban Geode

Thema: 3D street art project. Beschreibung: The past year I have been working on a street art project around the Los Angeles area. Rather than using traditional paint or wheat paste methods in a 2D platform, I’ve been using paper in 3D. These sculptures come in all sizes and fit in the holes of buildings … Weiterlesen

BikeWalkKC – Your voice for walking and bicycling in Greater Kansas City

Thema: As one of the largest metro areas without a dedicated regional voice for advocacy and education, Kansas City has long had walking and bicycling rates less than half the national average. Plus, we have been at the forefront of public health crises like obesity and diabetes. Beschreibung: We are a member-supported organization that works … Weiterlesen

Urbane Development

Thema: Urbane Development is a community development venture that cultivates innovative solutions to build dynamic neighborhoods and positively impact underserved communities. Beschreibung: Urbane Development is a new kind of venture: we work with community anchors – stores, schools, faith-based groups and other locally entrenched institutions – to build resilient neighborhoods and solve problems that affect everyone’s … Weiterlesen


Thema: The Lo-Down is a community web site dedicated to covering news, events and – most significantly – the people who live and work in one of the world’s greatest neighborhoods, the Lower East Side. Beschreibung: We are Ed Litvak and Traven Rice, a reformed television news producer and filmmaker (in that order). We are … Weiterlesen


Thema: Müllmänner portraitieren ihre Stadt – mit ihren Mülltonnen Beschreibung: Kaum jemand kennt seine Stadt so gut wie die Hamburger Müllmänner, die jeden Tag, bei Wind und Wetter unterwegs sind. Sie drücken ihre Liebe zu ihrer Stadt nun auf besondere Weise aus: Mit umgebauten Mülltonnen fotografieren sie Lieblingsorte, die sie auf ihren Touren durch alle … Weiterlesen


Thema: Innovative städtische Lebensmittelherstellung. Beschreibung: Mischung aus Aquakultur (Fischproduktion) und Hydroponic (Pflanzenproduktion in Wasser ohne Boden). Ort: Vorreiter in Milwaukee, USA, zur Verbesserung der Sozialstrukturen durch lokal produzierte Lebensmittel, inzwischen weltweit. Web und Bildquelle: Aquaponic