Thema: A retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store. Beschreibung: Every four to eight weeks, STORY completely reinvents itself – from merchandise and store design to floor plan and fixtures – to bring to light a new theme, trend, or issue. … Weiterlesen

Stein mit Vollausstattung

Thema: Ein Skulpturprojekt für den öffentlichen Raum. Beschreibung: Die Skulptur „Stein mit Vollausstattung“ ist ein partizipatorisches Projekt für den öffentlichen Raum in Dortmunds Innenstadt. „Stein mit Vollausstattung“ ist ein bislang einzigartiger Versuch im Zentrum eines großstädtischen Raumes Windkraft zur Energiegewinnung zu nutzen und diese frei zur Verfügung zu stellen. Der Standort für die Skulptur zwischen … Weiterlesen

Smart Student Units

Thema: Tengbom Architects has designed a student unit for students which is affordable, environmental-friendly and smart both in terms of design and choice of materials. Beschreibung: To meet the needs of students in a sustainable, smart and affordable way was the key questions when Tengbom in collaboration with students at the University of Lund was … Weiterlesen

REVOLVE Detroit – Retail Evolution

Thema: Transforming neighborhoods into vibrant retail districts, revolutionizing the retail recruitment process, creating venues for new business ventures, re-imaging neighborhoods through creative expression. Beschreibung: REVOLVE Detroit is a collaborative program of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation that partners with community leaders, building owners, entrepreneurs, and artists to activate vacant storefronts with transformational businesses and art … Weiterlesen

Detroit SOUP

 Thema: A monthly dinner funding micro-grants for creative projects. Beschreibung: SOUP is a collaborative situation a public dinner a platform for connection a theatrical environment a democratic experiment in micro-funding a relational hub bringing together various creative communities a forum for critical but accessible discussion an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit. Ort: Detroit, … Weiterlesen


Thema: Pop-up parks for everyone. Beschreibung: Softwalks imagines new experiences on the street. We are a design studio, and recently produced a Kit of Parts for sidewalk sheds. The kit is for place-making – so you can sit, chat and take a break in a new novel place. Our bigger goal and mission is to … Weiterlesen

Institut Imaginärer Inseln / Institute of Imaginary Islands

Thema: Ort des Austauschs – Institut Imaginärer Inseln Beschreibung: Als einzigartige Orte der Isolation und Inspiration spiegeln erfundene Inseln, von Atlantis in Platons Lehrgedicht bis Thomas Morus Utopia und Daniel Defoes Klassiker der Inselliteratur Robinson Crusoe, Ideen und Vorstellungen ihrer Erfinder in gleichnishafter Form wider und bieten anschauliche Sinnbilder unterschiedlichster Lebens-und Weltentwürfe. Das Institut für … Weiterlesen

Urbane Development

Thema: Urbane Development is a community development venture that cultivates innovative solutions to build dynamic neighborhoods and positively impact underserved communities. Beschreibung: Urbane Development is a new kind of venture: we work with community anchors – stores, schools, faith-based groups and other locally entrenched institutions – to build resilient neighborhoods and solve problems that affect everyone’s … Weiterlesen

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN)

Thema: Contribution to the public dialogue about food security and food justice in Detroit. Beschreibung: The Detroit Black Community Food Security network is a coalition of organizations and individuals working together to build food security in Detroit’s Black community. Our mission is to build self-reliance, food security and food justice in Detroit’s Black community by … Weiterlesen