Giulio Magnifico

Thema: A street photographer’s portfolio. Beschreibung: „When I see a face, a subject inside a scene… I must take a photo of it that can tell this story, this moment. Because every expression, every light, every detail, tells a story and I love to collect the soul of every person and of every scene. But … Weiterlesen

Detroit Lives

Thema: Urban exploration. Beschreibung: In recent years, Detroit has become the Mecca for those interested in urban decay photography. Detroit is not just a series of impressive abandoned ruins. It is a city that is undergoing a mini-renaissance, driving many small business owners and artists with the promise of qualified labour and low cost of … Weiterlesen

Clear Streets

Thema: Snow plow tracker app. Beschreibung: Each of the city’s snow plows is outfitted with a GPS system. When a storm hits, the plows begin transmitting their location to the city in real-time. By knowing where the plows are, we’ve figured which streets have been plowed. The dark lines on the map are road segments … Weiterlesen

Animal New York

Thema: A new breed of media – one that believes in action, brutal clarity and innovative design. Beschreibung: Animal is a daily mix of art, news, culture, politics, and opinion – straight from the gut of New York. ANIMAL tells the day-to-day stories that make up the unfolding drama of our city. With an unflinching … Weiterlesen

Navid Baraty Takes Urban Photography to New Heights

Thema: Urban photography. Beschreibung: Born and raised in rural Ohio, photographer Navid Baraty’s artistic passion led him from his unfulfilling days of working as an engineer to becoming a photographer in San Francisco and then New York City. He became obsessed with photography because of its universal ability to engage our senses and tell a … Weiterlesen

A year in the life of a Helsinki street

Thema: Urban observation. Beschreibung: The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time for introspection and looking back on the year that was. And also more more than often it is about making a list of the best “long play records” that was released that year. But that’s of course not how we roll … Weiterlesen

Berlin Urban Sketchers

Thema: Berliner Zeichner veröffentlichen ihre Skizzen aus der Stadt auf diesem Blog. Beschreibung: Urban Sketchers ist ein Netzwerk von Künstlern, die die Städte, in denen sie leben und zu denen sie reisen zeichnen. Unser Ziel ist es, „die Welt zu zeigen, Zeichnung für Zeichnung“. Weitere Informationen findet man auf unserem internationalen Blog. Ort: Berlin, Deutschland Web und … Weiterlesen

Street Seats

Thema: Mapping Streat Seats Beschreibung: As silly as it sounds, the opportunity to sit down is one of the great joys, if not necessities of urban living. Yet cities the world over fail to provide enough places for people to rest, socialize, or simply watch the world go by. We think this needs to change, … Weiterlesen

See No Evil

Thema: The UK’s largest permanent street art project. A huge outdoor gallery showcasing some of the world’s leading outdoor artists. Beschreibung: See No Evil is an art project of international standard based on Nelson Street in Bristol City centre. It brings together a selection of the world’s best street artists to create a huge outdoor … Weiterlesen

Festiwelt – Das Netzwerk der Berliner Filmfestivals

Thema: Perspektivisches Ziel von FESTIWELT ist es, Berlins Status als einzigartige ganzjährige internationale Filmfestivalmetropole zu festigen und auszubauen. Beschreibung: Jedes Jahr finden in der Festivalhauptstadt Berlin jenseits der Berlinale rund 40 Filmfestivals und Filmwochen statt. An 250 Tagen im Jahr zeigen die Filmfestivals über 1000 Filme aus 30 Nationen und 5 Kontinenten. Die Bandbreite reicht … Weiterlesen