The Lawn on D

Thema: A first-of-its-kind outdoor interactive space in Boston. Beschreibung: The Lawn on D is an experimental event landscape that brings together different communities, audiences and area residents for innovative programming and events in the epicenter of the Innovation District and South Boston neighborhood. The Lawn on D is designed to encourage public engagement, foster creativity … Weiterlesen

The Future Market

Thema: A vision of the food and retail grocery experience of 2065. Beschreibung: The Future Market is a vision of the food and retail grocery experience of 2065, brought to life through a collaboration between food innovators, designers, scientists, marketers and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to raise the bar for innovation in today’s food world … Weiterlesen

Bleeding Heart Design

Thema: Public interest design and a mosaic of art, installations and architecture. Beschreibung: The purpose of Bleeding Heart Design is to evoke emotions that spark positivity in the lives of the people who encounter it. In turn it stifles and demotes negative and malicious behavior and characteristics, promotes self-evaluation and makes people question the positivity … Weiterlesen

Berlin Film Society

Thema: The Berlin Film Society organises monthly cinematic experiences, as well as international ‚pop-up‘ film events. Beschreibung: Each month a specific theme, motif, director, or idea will be explored within the films that are screened. From Director Q&As and retrospectives, to themed culinary experiences and live music events, the Society aims to create a whole … Weiterlesen

Das Dortmunder U

Thema: Das Dortmunder U verbindet als ein Kulturzentrum neuen Typs Kunst, Forschung, kulturelle Bildung und Kreativität. Beschreibung: Das Dortmunder U ist ein Zeichen des Aufbruchs und des Strukturwandels im Ruhrgebiet. Im Zusammenwirken der verschiedenen Kultureinrichtungen und Organisationen im U-Turm-Gebäude entsteht ein Programm, das über die Grenzen der Stadt und der Region hinaus weist und neue … Weiterlesen


Thema: Pop-up parks for everyone. Beschreibung: Softwalks imagines new experiences on the street. We are a design studio, and recently produced a Kit of Parts for sidewalk sheds. The kit is for place-making – so you can sit, chat and take a break in a new novel place. Our bigger goal and mission is to … Weiterlesen

Open House Worldwide

Thema: ‚Open House‘ is a simple but powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. Beschreibung: Open House initiatives invite everyone to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment. Ort: Worldwide Web und Text-/Bildquelle: